Serves 4. Prep time: 30 minutes. Freeze time: 30 minutes

12 small scoops Rocky Road ice cream

1 cup chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs

2 cups strawberries, trimmed

2 tbls. sugar

1 cup vanilla ice cream, divided

2 store-bought shortbread cookies, crushed

1. Freeze plate 30 minutes. For meatballs, arrange Rocky Road ice cream scoops on chilled plate. Place chocolate cookie crumbs on another plate. Roll scoops, one at a time, in cookie crumbs, then return to chilled plate until ready to serve.

2. For sauce, mash strawberries with sugar in medium bowl, using potato masher or fork to make chunky sauce. Stir in additional sugar if desired.

3. To build sundaes, press vanilla ice cream through potato ricer (see note) into 4 dessert bowls for spaghetti. Top each with 3 meatballs, then sauce. Top with crushed shortbread cookie cheese. Serve with a fork.

Note: If a potato ricer is not available, simply scoop ice cream into bowls.