When my friend Tara, an avid juice enthusiast, told me one hot June day that watermelon is her favorite thing to juice, I was skeptical.

It seemed like a strange fruit to juice. What on earth would watermelon juice taste like, I wondered.

Would it be as sweet as the fruity triangles I eat at picnics? Or, would it be watery like a bad smoothie?

I just wasn’t sure. Clearly, I hadn’t yet tried it. Watermelon juice is - in one word - perfection. Pure perfection. Pure sunshine in a glass.

I’m so convinced that watermelon juice is the ultimate summer drink that I’ve fallen in love with the sweet and fruity red stuff and can’t make enough of it. I keep whole pitchers of it in my fridge, drinking up cold glasses after a long run at the LSU lakes or as a quick breakfast before I run out the door in the morning.

Move over lemonade, watermelon juice - fresh from the Louisiana sun and squeezed into a glass - is here to stay (at least in my kitchen).

Try watermelon juice for the first time with this easy basil infusion or other alternatives like mint or lavender. Summer has never tasted so good!