I’m late to the social media world, born in the time of rotary phones, vinyl albums, manual typewriters, three television stations, and very few fast-food outlets. Mothers cooked every day.

When slow cookers and electric typewriters came into the world, I thought I had it made. Time and technology has only enhanced that.

Last week, friends told me about a social networking site all about moms who share slow cooking recipes.

They have what they call “Crock Pot Mondays” where everyone cooks a slow-cooking dish and they share the recipes. Women who live in different parts of the country can ask each other questions and critique recipes.

It’s the old-fashioned “meet at the fence” and talk about whatever.

The point is there are lots of different ways to share recipes and, now, it’s easier than ever.

So invent your own. Look at combinations of ingredients, get ideas from cookbooks, networking sites, newspapers, etc. We may live in a new world, but we still have a lot to share and to offer.