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Tin Roof Brewing is collaborating with The Austin Beer Garden Brewing for a new beer celebrating the LSU-Texas football game.

LSU may be squaring up against Texas on the football field this weekend, but Baton Rouge's Tin Roof Brewing is reaching across the bar to make a collaborative beer with The Austin Beer Garden Brewing.

The two breweries will release their Crispy Cream Ale celebrating the University of Texas and LSU game during a release party on Friday, Sept. 6, at Austin Beer Garden Brewing in Austin, Texas. Along with the new beer, the free pregame party will feature a performance by New Orleans' Crescent Soul Revue.

The Crispy Cream Ale is brewed with pilsner malt, corn and Meridian hops and, at 4% alcohol by volume, is built for tailgating.

"This idea was built on mutual love of craft beer and college football," Tin Roof said in a statement. "We were really excited to partner with a brewery that focuses mainly on traditional lagers while we specialize in hop-forward ales. The final product very much highlights the best of what we both have to offer."

But, you'll have to go to Austin for this one. The beer will be available only at The Austin Beer Garden Brewing on draft, to-go crowler fills and prepurchased disposable kegs. The breweries are expecting to sell out of the small batch quickly.

LSU and Texas play at 6:30 p.m. in Darrel K. Royal — Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin. ABC will show the game. This is the first regular season game between LSU and Texas since 1954.

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