Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks was spotted having dinner at the Velvet Cactus Monday night. Sources tell us that Hanks, who is in Baton Rouge filming the World War II naval drama “Greyhound,” was “absolutely delightful.”

Hanks was in Baton Rouge in December for a short visit to the USS Kidd, where part of the movie is being filmed. According to Executive Director David Beard, the ship was chosen because it is so well preserved.


“We hope this isn’t just great for us but for the city of Baton Rouge and the film industry in Louisiana as a whole,” Beard said.

The film has a reported total budget of $50.3 million.

The movie marks a return to Louisiana for Hanks, who produced and narrates the signature Beyond All Boundaries attraction at the World War II Museum in New Orleans and has been a champion for the facility since it opened 17 years ago.

Hanks will star as the troubled commander of a Navy destroyer, the USS Greyhound, soon after the United States entered World War II. The story takes place as the Greyhound is escorting a military convoy across the Atlantic Ocean in 1942, when the shipping lanes between America and its European allies were imperiled by German submarines. Hanks adapted the script from the novel “The Good Shepherd,” published in 1955 by C.S. Forester.

Filming in Louisiana is estimated at 161 days.

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