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Trout with Pecans and Dijon Sauce

Whether you're catching your own fish or nabbing them at the supermarket, I've got a great and healthy way to serve it.

My recipe for Trout with Dijon Sauce and Pecans is delicious and even diabetic-friendly. It's from the Heart Disease Chapter of my new cookbook for men, "Guy’s Guide to Eating Well: A Man’s Cookbook For Health and Wellness." 

And while the name of the recipe sounds a little fancy, don't be intimidated — this is easy gourmet!

Well Done: Recipe for Trout with Dijon Sauce and Pecans

The light creamy sauce with a hint of lemon and full-bodied Dijon really livens up this mild fish. For another easy option, visit my The Healthy Cooking Blog for Fish Tacos, a favorite on everyone's list.

The trout recipe rings in at less than 250 calories, is high in protein and low in fat and sodium. Trout is also a good source of heart healthy omega 3-fatty acids, known for their powerhouse anti-inflammatory benefits. The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish (fatty fish preferred) per week for heart health.

Terrific Tips:

  • To test fish for doneness, prod it with a fork at its thickest point. Properly cooked fish is opaque, has milky white juices and just begins to flake easily. Be careful not to overcook!
  • Trout is a mild fish rich in amino acids, precursors to protein and important building blocks for healing and tissue repair.
  • Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to lower cholesterol levels, reduce risk of heart disease and may lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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