This is not really a recipe you make. It's more one you assemble.

Nothing here is homemade — at least it wasn't made in our home. But that's where it all came together.

My husband, Jay, the more adventurous cook in our family, decided to make the Boudin King Cake perfected by George Graham, of Acadiana Table. He says it was super easy, and it must be since Graham has a video that's only about a minute long to show how.

This king cake — and, believe me, there have been an unusually high number at the office this year — was the biggest hit at The Advocate with lots of requests for the recipe.

Recipe? Ha! 


This delectable treat, which newspaper staffers gave the highest five-star rating on our in-house king cake chart, is made with boudin purchased at a local store, pepper jack cheese and rolls of crescent rolls. 

And while just those ingredients would make for a tasty dish, the genius of this concoction comes in the toppings. Red pepper jelly adds that perfect note of sweetness. Green onions build on the savory flavors. And bacon. Well, you know, bacon.

So if you need to bring something to a Fat Tuesday party, or you're teeth are hurting from all the sugary king cake confections around, make this king cake.

Everyone will want the "recipe."