It's really too hot for soup, and, yet, I crave it.

Soup usually comes together quickly, and a big pot will provide several meals. Most of my ingredients came from the farmers market, and the rest were things I already had on hand.

The beautiful butternut squash I picked up from the farmers market were perfect to make a hearty soup, which we enjoyed both hot and chilled.

The key to a sturdy soup is fresh cream or half-and-half, and it doesn't get any better than the rich pint of half-and-half I nabbed from a regional dairy farmer at the market. I keep a stock of chicken broth (pun intended) in my freezer so I always have some handy for cooking. I threw in a few spices and, minutes later, we were enjoying a simple-yet-indulgent soup for supper.

I Eat La.: Recipe for Chilled Butternut Squash Soup

The leftover soup went into the fridge, and we enjoyed it for several days as a quick grab-and-go lunch and filling side dish at dinner.

When it comes to knowing where your food comes from and supporting local farmers, this soup, with its many locally-grown fresh ingredients and homemade chicken broth (made from locally raised chickens), is a perfect example of farm-to-table living.