As the temperature drops, I tend to crave warm flavors to balance out the chill.

On this week’s trip to the farmers market, these tender little lamb chops were practically calling my name.

Lamb has a distinctive flavor that flourishes when married with other bold flavors like tangy tomatoes, fresh fragrant herbs or hardy root vegetables.

I decided to pair them with a rich tomato sauce brightened with some fresh basil. Between the rub on the chops and the sharp and sweet tomatoes, our meal was bursting with flavor.

I Eat La.: Recipes for Seared Lamb Chops, Cherry Tomato Sauce, Creamed Turnips with Horseradish

I also found some beautiful fresh turnips — another robust flavor. I blended the turnips with potatoes and a little horseradish to smooth out any bitterness and to highlight the rustic, carrot-like taste of the turnips.

Stout flavors like these are definitely for the adventurous. They don’t require a lot of seasoning either, just enough to bring out the natural flavors in the most pleasing ways.

So with lots of cool days ahead, I’ll be on the lookout to bring you more ways to warm your palate with rich flavors.

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. You can reach her at