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Lemonade Cake

Editor's note: Columnist Holly Clegg, who has been battling stomach cancer, has entered hospice care. However, she plans to continue her column at this time. "My wish is to keep sharing my recipes. It's my passion."

If any drink sums up summer in a glass, it's lemonade.

Whether it's just one tall icy glass on a hot day or the neighborhood kids’ lemonade stand, nothing evokes the season more than lemonade.

I love lemon desserts so this Lemonade Cake from my KITCHEN 101 cookbook is one of my favorites. You can quench your sweet tooth on this citrus dessert. It's my go-to summertime sweet treat and most popular warm weather recipe.

Talk about a crowd pleaser, this cake is the perfect complement to any outdoor gathering. Infused with lemon flavor from the rind and topped with cream cheese icing, it really hits the spot.

Holly Clegg's Well Done: Recipe for Lemonade Cake

If pie is more your thing, my Lemon Pie from my thehealthycookingblog.com, tastes like a cross between a cheesecake and pie. This simple-yet-divine no-bake dessert has only five ingredients.

Terrific Tips:

  • Use lemonade concentrate (small frozen lemonade) for cake and icing, then make a drink with any leftover.
  • Citrus is high in the antioxidant vitamin C, which plays an important role in growth and tissue repair.
  • Essential for collagen formation, vitamin C also plays a role in helping to keep bone, cartilage and connective tissue strong and helping to relieve arthritis inflammation and pain.
  • Try a microplane zester on the lemon rind. I think it's the best kitchen grater.

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