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Morning Call Coffee Stand's new location on Canal Boulevard.

Food & Wine magazine has released its list of where to find the best doughnuts in every state.

For Louisiana, it won't be a surprise the best doughnut in New Orleans is a beignet, fresh off the line and buried in a bank of powdered sugar snow.

But, the Food & Wine continues, "the only further discussion needed was where to get one, and for many years, those same locals, at least the lion's share, would head in the opposite direction of the French Quarter, out to suburban Metairie, to a little strip mall that for years held one of the last great newsstands in town."

That newsstand is the Morning Call Coffee Stand, "where the staff would pour rich, strong cafe au lait from twin metal pitchers, the beignets were nearly always above reproach, and the old timers mostly just called it coffee and doughnuts, like this bit of morning magic was no big deal."

Morning Call moved from Metairie to a renovated pavilion in City Park across from the New Orleans' Museum of Art's sculpture garden and has since found a new home at 5101 Canal St.

The article also lauds Baton Rouge's Coffee Call, 3132 College Drive, for its "generously portioned plates of beignet fingers, liberally dusted with sugar."

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