The weather is finally starting to cool off just as football season is starting to heat up. And we're on that downhill slope that has us rapidly careening toward the holiday season.

Who has time to cook? October was so busy I hardly set foot in the kitchen. To keep up with November’s schedule of music performances, tennis matches and feverish football games, I decided I'd dust off the slow cooker and put a few warm bowls of comfort food, like this Brisket Chili, on the menu.

I Eat. La.: Recipe for Brisket Chili

This brisket chili is a more upscale, yet equally hearty, version of traditional beef chili. I make it with locally raised beef brisket and beef broth purchased from our hometown butcher. (I like to make my own broth, but like most folks this time of year, I’m too short on time to stock up on homemade stock.) I did add a few bell peppers and tomatoes I got from the farmers market to the broth.

Cooking with locally sourced ingredients makes me feel good. I know I'm serving fresh, homemade food, the kind I like to prepare. It also makes up for some of the guilt from dishing up quick-fix meals from the freezer or picking up dinners on the run.

It will be nice to slow down with some homemade chili and watch the big games together this weekend.

Go Tigers! Go Saints!