I’ve heard small changes can make a big difference. I need a healthier routine; and small changes are about all I can handle these days.

One thing I already do to be healthier is shop at my local farmers market where the produce is fresh-picked and at its most nutritious.

A new thing I’d like to do is reduce the amount of foods with lots of calories but not much nutritional value.

I Eat La.: Recipes for Shrimp Étouffée and Cauliflower Rice

Replacing high-calorie carbohydrates like rice or potatoes with cauliflower has been a growing trend. I’ve tried a few recipes that use cauliflower instead of potatoes. My family always objects.

I’d like to say the cauliflower rice in today's column won them over, but it didn’t. As the least picky eater in the house, I liked it. The recipe was simple, quick to prepare and did a fine job replacing rice in my bowl of étouffée. I added garlic and parsley to the cauliflower to give it more flavor. It even complemented the dish instead of acting as just filler.

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They did like the shrimp étouffée. It's a simple recipe, using ingredients we typically have on hand. In a very short time, I had a fairly healthy meal on the table.

You will notice from the recipe that, at this point, I have decided not to address my love affair with butter.

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Cauliflower rice has potential in all sorts of dishes, but I don’t intend to use it in all my rice recipes. I come from a long line of south Louisiana rice farmers. It’s an important part of my culture and my cooking.

And, you just can’t put brown gravy on cauliflower.

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. Contact her at ieatbrla@gmail.com.