When The Cove Bar rebooted as The Lost Cove earlier this year, everything from the location to the name changed.

The addition that should catch the most eyes, however, isn’t as obvious from the outside. The Lost Cove now offers the pleasant surprise of a delicious food menu.


The Lost Cove has a massive selection of liquor and spirits behind the bar.

Behind the Essen Lane spot’s bar, the wall is filled to the ceiling with alcohol and spirits. The former location in Citiplace Court was known for having a cocktail menu as thick as an encyclopedia, so this isn’t anything new.

The food menu, however, brings something new to the table and makes The Lost Cove a place worth finding.

The Lost Cove’s rotating grilled cheese of the day and soup du jour sets the tone of the menu. There’s certainly an aspect of comfort food there, but that’s balanced with craft and little twists.

The (spicy) sweet potato chicken biscuit ($7), for example, is not something I would have ever ordered on my own. Boy, was I wrong to pass over that. It arrived with multiple chicken tenders over four medium-sized sweet potato biscuits. The orange marmalade in the middle brought it all together. The balance between the three layers was almost perfect. It was sweet. It was savory. It was filling.


When The Cove Bar rebooted as The Lost Cove, it gained a worthwhile food menu.

The black and bleu burger ($13) was just as well-balanced. The garlic aioli and the bleu cheese stood out among the fully dressed burger. The french fries and house ketchup were a great side to round out the platter.

Besides the entrees, our side plates shouldn’t be forgotten. My guest picked the house salad ($8) and we shared the Italian fried mushrooms ($9). The salad came topped with a jalapeño buttermilk dressing and a rainbow of garnishes. It was crafted with more care than the average house salad, which spoke volumes of The Lost Cove’s kitchen crew. As for the Italian fried mushrooms, they were the highlight of the meal. The fried cremini mushrooms were tossed in a house made red pesto sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. They would be a great bite to share for any bargoer just interested in a quick snack.

While my first visit was focused on the food, it will take my next several visits to work through the cocktail menu. So far, I have tried the Deja Brew, which skillfully combines reposado, blackberry, cold brew and creme of coconut.

I was blown away by how the vastly different ingredients blended together. While it was an overwhelming mistake to order it with food, I would definitely order it alone next time.

The Lost Cove has a lot to offer: a vast array of drink options, ample seating and a balanced food menu that doesn’t break the bank. It’s the perfect spot for a mid-week drink or a bite to eat.


The Italian fried mushrooms were the best part of our meal at The Lost Cove. It's a perfect appetizer or bar snack.

The Lost Cove

5625 Essen Lane

3 p.m. to midnight Sunday; 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday-Saturday

PROS: Reasonably-priced food menu, plethora of drink options, plenty of seating

CONS: Out of the way location

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