Citrus season is in full swing here in south Louisiana. The limbs of fruit trees are weighed down by beautiful globes of juicy sweet fruit, and farmers markets are overflowing with the harvests.

I bought a small bag of satsumas on my last trip to the farmers market. And I can't wait to go back and get some grapefruit, Louisiana navels and Meyer lemons.

My family loves the little chocolate oranges you whack on the counter then enjoy its little “slices” of creamy chocolate. Memories of finding chocolate oranges in stockings were the inspiration behind these recipes.

I Eat La.: Recipe for Satsuma Infused Classic Cheese Cake with Chocolate Satsuma Ganache

This cheesecake is infused with satsuma juice which helps create a smooth, silky texture with a subtle hint of citrus flavor. Adding the zest to the ganache preserves its rich, firm texture.

Both of these recipes are classics and may be made without the satsuma zest and juice. But, at this time of year, why not? 

Here’s to cooking, juicing and decorating with the upcoming Louisiana citrus harvest!