“Guy’s Guide to Eating Well: A Man’s Cookbook for Health and Wellness” by Holly Clegg and Curtis Chastain, MD; Favorite Recipes Press, $24.95, 181 pages, softback

Just in time for Father’s Day gift-giving, cookbook author Holly Clegg and Dr. Curtis Chastain, a Baton Rouge physician who specializes in men’s wellness, have written a cookbook aimed at preventive health for men.

Think of “Guy’s Guide to Eating Well: A Man’s Cookbook for Health and Wellness” as “your wellness bible packed with simple recipes, reference information and terrific tips to keep you and those surrounding you healthy,” Clegg said.

The authors hope the book “will give men — and their significant others — the tools to eat better, helping prevent and control diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, joint pain and even address testosterone troubles for a better lifestyle.”

The self-published book is the third edition in Clegg’s Eating Well series. It’s also her 14th cookbook and another of her trim&TERRIFIC books.

“It was Dr. Chastain’s idea,” she said. “He approached me about it about five years ago. He thought there was really a need for a book focusing on men’s wellness and preventive health. The focus is really relatable info for men — being healthy from the inside out, then reaping the benefits. There is nothing else like this out there. Other books aimed at men are about grilling, hunting, building muscles.”

In the book’s preface, Chastain writes, “There is ongoing debate about whether cardiovascular disease and cancer are preventable. … My thought is this: You may not be able to prevent yourself from getting ASCVD (atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease) or cancer, but using the resources that are readily available, dying prematurely from either one of these two diseases can be prevented.”

Side Dish: Recipes for Crawfish Burgers with Horseradish Sauce, Spicy Glazed Chicken

Of the book’s nine recipe chapters, "'Food for the Mood — What Should I Eat?' seems to be men’s favorite chapter,” Clegg said. That chapter “includes food high in zinc which helps produce testosterone,” and foods which boost libido, help you destress and relax.

Most of the recipes in the book, she said, also “are diabetic friendly. They are good food good for you.”

Other chapters address fatigue, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, arthritis and joint pain, cancer and gastroesophageal reflux disease. There are also chapters on quick-fix meals and slow cooker recipes and cooking for the outdoors.

Each of the 150 simple-to-make, practical recipes includes prep time, cook time and nutritional information prepared by Baton Rouge dietitian Lee Jackson, who has worked with Clegg for more than 10 years. Each recipe explains why it's good for you and offers shortcut tips.

Among the recipes are Crawfish Burgers, found in the heart disease chapter; Spicy Glazed Chicken in the Food for the Mood chapter; Corn, Cucumber and Tomato Salad in the cancer chapter; and Grilled Shrimp Margherita Pizza. Recipes are illustrated with full-color photographs taken by Clegg.

“We prepare the food, shoot it and eat it," she said. "What you see is what you get.”

Cheramie Sonnier is a food writer and columnist. Contact her at sonnierfood@gmail.com, and follow her on Twitter, @CheramieSonnier.

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