holly and family

Cookbook author Holly Clegg, center back, gathers with family in her hospital room at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

After undergoing treatment for stomach cancer for 10 months, The Advocate columnist and best-selling cookbook author Holly Clegg is entering hospice care.

"Her battle has taken a turn she can no longer come back from following a series of tests this week," her daughter, Haley Clegg Nusbaum posted Thursday on Facebook. "Her team of doctors (at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston) have advised against treatment as no treatment could stop the inevitable. As a result, the goal has shifted to ensuring she is as comfortable as possible and focus on managing her pain, which the hospice care team is best positioned to help."

After her diagnosis, Clegg's family created a Holly Clegg's Gastric Cancer Research Fund at MD Anderson with a goal of raising awareness of gastric cancers. To donate, visit http://healthycookingblog.com/my-cancer-journey/.

Clegg, whose columns and recipes appear twice a month in The Advocate’s EatPlayLive section, focuses on healthy eating with easy, everyday recipes. She has sold more than 1.5 million cookbooks.

Among her cookbooks are ones that deal with diabetes, arthritis, men’s health and cancer. She is probably best known for her “Trim and Terrific” series of books.

Clegg, whose TheHealthyCookingBlog.com is a resource of thousands of fans, has made many appearances in national media including NBC’s “Today” show, “Fox & Friends,” “The 700 Club” and “Harry.” She has been featured in Cooking Light Magazine, Web MD and the Huffington Post.