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Simple Southwestern Casserole

Editor's note: Columnist Holly Clegg, who has been battling stomach cancer, has entered hospice care. She plans to continue her column at this time.

All it takes is a can of refrigerated biscuits and a few enchilada-style ingredients and you can create a casserole your family will love. 

This Simple Southwestern Casserole recipe with biscuits from my "Kitchen 101" cookbook may sound a little peculiar, but trust me, it's a combination that will make your mouth water.

Refrigerated biscuits give this meaty, savory dish that homestyle hearty touch. Black beans and corn add nutritious, filling fiber with the ease of convenience items. You can even save a step by purchasing prechopped onions — I'm all for whatever helps you get that homemade healthy meal on your table fast.

Holly Clegg's Well Done: Recipe for Simple Southwestern Casserole

This recipe easily doubles, even triples if needed, so make one for your family and one to share.

A friend or family in need of a little comfort food would love it. Bring it over in a disposable aluminum pan for easy cleanup. They might also like the Mexican Breakfast Bake recipe from my "Too Hot in the Kitchen" cookbook

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Got biscuits? You've got a meal.

Terrific tips

  • Buy disposable 13-by-9-inch aluminum pans in bulk for easy meal delivery and cleanup.
  • Use kitchen scissors to easily cut biscuits.
  • Can't find enchilada sauce? Substitute salsa.
  • Beans are a nutritional high-fiber bargain, aiding in weight maintenance. Rinse and drain the canned variety to reduce the sodium by 40%.
  • This casserole freezes well so make ahead so you'll be ready when you need it.

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