Winter doldrums have consumed me lately. All I can bring myself to do, other than shopping for vegetables, is act like one — the proverbial couch potato.

At the end of every rainy day, I find myself low on energy and with no imagination for complex culinary adventures.

So right now, there is nothing more appealing than a one-pot, oven-to-table, time-saving recipe like this shepherd’s style savory pie.

While shopping for the week’s fresh finds at the farmers market, I thought a nice, warm and hearty skillet full of local ingredients would make my family feel cozy and full, and perk me up too. I picked up small, red new potatoes, vibrant green parsley, bright orange carrots, a rich green pepper and earthy shiitake mushrooms. On my way home, I stopped by a local butcher for some fresh ground beef. Finally, after a quick stop at a local produce stand for some sweet onions grown in south Louisiana, I was heading home to my favorite cast-iron skillet.

I Eat La.: Recipe for Seasonal Shepherd's Pie

I call this shepherd’s-style pie because I believe traditional shepherd’s pie is made with lamb and a few more vegetables. But, I wanted to stay within my seasonal parameters to jog my stagnant imagination. After all, availability is the mother of invention, or close enough anyway. So I chose to work with what I had available and on hand at home.

The result did the trick, filling us with warmth and a bit of energy so we'll be ready to take full advantage of the next dry, warm day.