Chef Jay Ducote with Host Ted Allen on  Chopped Gold Medal.jpg

Baton Rouge chef Jay Ducote, left, tells host Ted Allen about the dish he's working on in Tuesday night's episode of 'Chopped: Gold Medal Games.'

Baton Rouge chef/food blogger Jay Ducote heads back into the Food Network kitchen at 9 p.m. Tuesday for a new version of the network's popular "Chopped" series.  

"Chopped: Gold Medal Games," which debuted last week, is a five-part tournament challenging 16 culinary professionals to create gold medal-worthy dishes. Each of the first four episodes focuses on a specific cooking technique. The winners of those rounds battle it out in the grand finale, where $50,000 is at stake (pardon the pun).

Grilling is the featured technique on Ducote's episode, where he'll compete against Lynnae Oxley-Loupe, chef and pitmaster at Sugars BBQ, Portland, Oregon; Maria Mazon, a chef and restaurateur based in Tucson, Arizona; and Eric Thomas, a chef and pitmaster in Atlanta.

"An uncooked pastry and a bone-in steak challenge the chefs in the appetizer round. In the entree round, the competitors encounter a guilty-pleasure snack and a Korean side dish. And will the last two contenders know what a pig pickin' cake is or how to reimagine it in the dessert round?," the episode description says.

Judges are Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy and Chris Santos. Ted Allen hosts.

The show will re-air at midnight. Food Network is on cable Channel 53.

Ducote made it to the finals on the 11th season of "Food Network Star" in 2015. He’s also competed on "Cutthroat Kitchen" (2013), FOX’s "MasterChef" (2011) and “Last Call Food Brawl” on Destination America in 2013. He also hosted a pilot for “Deep Fried America” on the Travel Channel in 2016.

"Chopped: Gold Medal Games" was shot in New York in September.

Ducote and company will watch the show at a viewing party at Tin Roof Brewery starting at 7 p.m.


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