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Taco Pie was a staple in the Broussard household, where Milton and Mary Broussard were parents to a dozen children.

You might notice the photo that accompanies this recipe is not your usual styled-to-perfection kind of shot. Reader Laura Broussard Duhe sent it to us along with a recipe that hadn't seen the light of print in many years.

Her Taco Pie looks like what most of us put on the table — not picture perfect but a good, home-cooked meal. Those little cracks in the crust are a sign of the love (and memories) baked in.

"I finally found this long lost recipe that my dear mom loved to make," Duhe told us. "She baked large quantities of these over the years to feed her brood. While she had made the recipe her own, with dad’s summer bounty of yard tomatoes and banana peppers, she always wanted to review the original recipe."

A Taco Pie recipe that stands the test of time

Milton and Mary Broussard were parents to 12 children, and Duhe said, noting the second anniversary of her mother's death, she and some of her brothers and sisters have been making the pie.

"I tried to replicate the sun in the original article," said Duhe, noting she didn't really recall her mom ever doing that. We say, who had time to decorate pies when you have a dozen kids underfoot?

"Daddy raised cattle and would frequently have one slaughtered, so ground meat dishes like this were a staple," Duhe said, adding her "Mamma" was a devoted reader of the newspaper's food section, in which this recipe was printed in 1976.

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So to all you moms and dads out there, whether you have two or 12 kids, we say keep on cooking. Your kids will never forget — even if it doesn't come out "perfect."