sugar planks

Sugar Cookie Planks

Katy Prescott always keeps homemade sugar cookie dough in her freezer so she can offer a yummy dessert at a moment’s notice.

The Baton Rouge Art League member took a batch of her crispy Sugar Cookie Planks to a recent league meeting, and everyone who tasted the treat wanted the recipe. Prescott said she got it from Marguerite Evans, whom she met at a rug hooking class in 2014, but she doesn’t know the recipe’s origin.

Side Dish: Recipe for Sugar Cookie Planks

Prescott has baked so many of the little cookies in the last five years, she says the piece of paper she wrote the recipe on “has grease spots all over it.”

The recipe produces about 200 thin, not-too-sweet, little cookies about ¾- to 1-inch wide and about 5 inches long. The dough must be refrigerated before being rolled out into five 10-by-10-inch squares, which are then frozen between sheets of wax paper before being cut into about 40 strips and baked.

While this is a plan-ahead recipe, you don’t have to cut all the squares but only what you need. Leave the remainder for another day. You’ll be glad you did.

Be forewarned: These Sugar Cookie Planks are hard to resist. You may find yourself having to bake a second batch to share with friends and family.

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