If ever there was a summer to enjoy an evening cocktail, this is it.

From old favorites — who doesn't love an icy-cold strawberry daiquiri? — to ultra-cool crafted concoctions to recipes that have been passed down and around, these are the sippers that will have you saying "Ahhhhhh."

Cocktail time: Recipes for drinks that will tame these scorching temps

Several of these delightful drinks were stirred up and served by the pool at cocktail contests; others just make us dream of tropical breezes, an antidote to the suffocating heat.

Over on the west side of the Mississippi, lots of folks are familiar with a slushy marvel of frostiness known simply as The Recipe.

Essential to most of these summer-time quench busters is fruit, be it from the tree or a flavored vodka or other liqueur.

Some call for a simple syrup, which is basically a 1-to-1 ratio of sugar to water, simmered together over medium heat until the sugar dissolves and the consistency is a little syrupy.

Now is the time to get the blender whirring, the glasses chilling and the ice bucket filled.