Every day, drivers cruise by at a snail's crawl. Then they turn around and park in the lot behind Lemoine's Mid-City Daiquiri and climb out to take a selfie with Joe Burrow.

LSU's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback is the centerpiece of a mural on the new business at 5170 Government St.

And as Jan. 13 approaches, when the Tigers take on Clemson for the College Football Playoff National Championship, co-owners Ken Lemoine and his mom, Barbara LeClercq, are preparing for a big crowd of LSU fans.

"We'll have the game on all of our TVs with surround sound," Lemoine said. "We're also adding more tables where people can sit and watch."

Lemoine hired artist Korey Scavona, who started work on the mural, which is still being painted, after the Tigers beat Texas A&M to wrap up an undefeated season. Burrow's pose was inspired by photos of him after LSU's win over Alabama in November.

"Korey will be working on the mural on the night of the game," Lemoine said. "People can stop and talk to him and take pictures. He'll be finishing the tiger mouth around the entrance. And he's going to add the 'win bar' above the door."

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At Tiger Stadium, the "win bar" is an actual part of the old H-shaped goal post that stood in the stadium from 1955 to 1984, and it's tradition for players to touch it before running onto the field.

"Once our 'win bar'is painted, everyone can jump up and touch our win bar before walking in," Lemoine said.

Inside, they can kick off the watch party with a Tiger   daiquiri.

"Tiger Blood is one of our signature drinks," Lemoine said. "It's a vodka base, and it's the most popular drink we serve so far."

Yes, that's Joe Burrow in that Baton Rouge mural; he'll soon be joined by Heisman trophy, Drew Brees

The shop also offers three other signature drinks: the Buzzing Bentley Mango Bellini, made with Champagne, two clear rums and a dark rum; LeClercq's Mid-City Blues with rum and dark rum and the Razzy Jazzy with a raspberry flavor.

"The Buzzing Bentley is named for my granddaughter's really good friend, Bentley," LeClercq said.

"Her nickname is Buzzing Bentley, and since it it was a Bellini, we put all the Bs together," Lemoine added.

Lemoine and LeClercq developed their signature flavors after careful planning, which began with intensive research last March. LeClercq has friends in the daiquiri shop business, who encouraged her to look into starting her own.

"We read about the Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance, and we did our research on where the closest daiquiri shop was. We found that in a 4½-mile radius, there were no daiquiri shops," LeClercq said. "It looked like a really good business opportunity, and we did more research and decided to go for it."

They came up with a list of what they considered the best daiquiris.

"The best daiquiri recipes, like the White Russian, you're going to find that everywhere, as well as the Pina Colada, the Margarita and strawberry," LeClercq said. "And the best shops got their recipes and supplies from Bar Needs, which is the company that supplies the shops. So, we went with them."

LeClercq applied her 20 years of project management with the U.S. Navy to her business development.

"Actually, this is my first venture in opening a business," she said. "I graduated from LSU with a computer science degree, and I worked for the Department of the Navy as a civilian. Basically where I got my experience in managing projects."

And while she takes care of the business side, Lemoine focuses on its design.

The shop is Baton Rouge-themed with a red floor and a red cypress bar with lighting in the center representing the Mississippi River.

Lemoine also created humorous paintings for the walls, which he hopes will generate laughs and spur conversation.

"My brother painted one of the paintings," he said. "I gave him the canvas and told him to create something for the shop, so he painted a parrot in glasses."

The sign and the entryway rug also keep with the theme, featuring Baton Rouge's Horace Wilkinson Bridge, better known as the "new bridge."

Probably the only deviation from the Baton Rouge theme will be the addition of Drew Brees on the opposite side of the mural from Joe Burrow.

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Except for the mural, the building, which once housed a print shop, is yellow. But that will change, too.

"I'm going to paint it red when I can get to it," Lemoine said. "Red stick, red building. It's everything Baton Rouge and Louisiana, and that's what we were going for."

Meanwhile, LeClercq is planning to add at least four more daiquiri selections as the year progresses.

"We also offer beer," she said. "This isn't a full bar. It's what we call a basic bar, because the focus is daiquiris. But we do offer other drinks."

Hours are noon to midnight Sunday through Wednesday and noon to 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

"And when LSU football season comes around again, we'll open earlier," Lemoine said.

For more information, call (225) 465-4353.

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