Sleep Habits album cover

Sleep Habits' self-titled album

Ever had too little (or too much) sleep? You probably spent the better part of the morning in a dreamlike daze.

Most people extinguish that brain fog with a cup of coffee, but when it happened to musician and singer-songwriter Alan Howard, he created Sleep Habits.

Earlier this month, Howard released his first Sleep Habits album. The nine-track project captures that sleepy haze Howard became accustomed to in college. The feeling served as inspiration for his songwriting, which nods to artists like Mac DeMarco and Homeshake.

"Sleep Habits" embraces jazz and R&B elements, tying them into hypnotic dream pop. Howard plays most of the instruments on the project himself — with a little help from a few friends on select tracks. Guitars doused in chorus and reverb are at the forefront of the mix, but thick bass lines, simplistic drum rhythms and synth accents provide an atmosphere that hoists songs like “Stuck” and “Windows Light” into the clouds.

The album's do-it-yourself bedroom pop is sure to drift listeners into a daydream.

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The lofty, warm ambience and full sound on “Sleep Habits” stands out on its own. But things are just a little more impressive when you realize Howard recorded the album almost entirely as a solo project in the spare room of his parents’ house in Baton Rouge.

"Sleep Habits" is available on major streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music and at

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