I confess. I can’t get off the sauce. I like the hard stuff, too. You know, the sauces with butter, cream and cheese.

Well, life is all about moderation and balance. This week, I thought I’d balance some petite fresh flounder filets with a spoon (or two) of creamy crab Mornay sauce. On the side, we enjoyed roasted turnips.

I Eat La.: Recipes for Baked Flounder, Crab Mornay sauce, Roasted Turnips

A traditional Mornay is made with Parmesan or Swiss cheese. For a Louisiana twist, I used Creole cream cheese instead. I carefully folded in some fresh crab claw meat and finished it with a little squeeze of lemon juice. Each flaky filet was topped with the rich sauce before serving. It was delightful.

Through the years, I have had mixed feelings about turnips. That may be because I mostly had them cooked down with turnip greens. I still harbor bitter memories of both. But I have heard folks say how sweet roasted turnips can be, hmmm.

After roasting them and giving them a light dusting of salt, pepper and just a touch of brown sugar, this recipe melted away my bitter thoughts about turnips.

I can’t promise I’ll ever quit the sauce completely, but I’ll at least use a smaller ladle. Who knows, I may form a roasted turnip habit instead. ... Nah.

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. You can reach her at ieatbrla@gmail.com.