"The Fonville Winans Cookbook: Recipes and Photographs from a Louisiana Artist" by Melinda Risch Winans and Cynthia LeJeune Nobles has made the 2017 Fall Okra Picks selected by Southern Indie Booksellers.

The 12 Okra Picks, according to the website, "have a strong Southern focus" and "all have that magical quality that makes readers want push them into the hands of friends and family — the quality of 'You've got to read this!' ”

Fonville Winans was a noted photographer, who, in addition to shooting local debutantes and weddings, loved to cook and took many, many photos of food.


Published by LSU Press in October, the cookbook is based on the hundreds of recipes Melinda Winans, daughter-in-law of Fonville Winans, rescued from the trash after his death in 1992 at the age of 82.

The cookbook, Nobles said, provided “a new way of looking at the life of Fonville Winans. Everyone knew he was an important photographer, and his large circle of friends also knew he was an outstanding cook."