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Co-owner Jeffrey Conaway behind the bar at Beausoleil 

The Jubans Restaurant Group has sold Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar, 7731 Jefferson Highway, to City Group Hospitality, which owns and operates Rouj Creole, City Pork Brasserie & Bar, City Port, LSU, City Pork Catering and City Slice Pints & Pizza.

City Group Hospitality made the announcement in an Aug. 4 post on Beausoleil's Facebook page.

"City Group Hospitality has taken an exciting leap pursuing the opportunity to expand its restaurant and catering portfolios with the purchase of Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar," City Group Hospitality Managing Partner J. Stephen Hightower wrote in a letter attached to the post. "Michael Boudreaux and the Juban's Restaurant Group created a brilliant culinary experience with Beausoleil. City Group Hospitality aims to continue with the rich tradition."

Hightower added that through the purchase, Beausoleil's managing partner Jeff Conaway will join City Group Hospitality as director of Culinary Operations.

"City Group hopes to retain many of the current staff with a fresh culture instillation of hospitality, an interior remodel and a revitalization of the Beausoleil menu," Hightower wrote. "The rebirth of the menu will include many of the great dishes that made the restaurant so special in the last decade, along with some new cuisine that will chart a new direction for Baton Rouge cuisine for the future."