A building permit has been issued for the long-awaited Mid City beer garden and construction on the bar at the corner of Government Street and Steele Boulevard should begin in “two or three weeks."

Kelli Paxton, one of the owners of the beer garden, said construction will take about a year. “That’s allowing for rain delays and other things,” she said.

The beer garden is a spin-off of the popular Radio Bar, where Paxton is the manager. Brian Baiamonte and Dave Remmetter, who own the Radio Bar, also are owners.

Plans for the beer garden were first announced in 2015. Unlike the Radio Bar, the beer garden will serve food and there will be TV sets so patrons can watch big events, like LSU and New Orleans Saints football games. The goal is to create a community-oriented establishment, where neighbors can get together and talk over a couple of beers. The East Baton Rouge Metro Council approved a rezoning request for the beer garden in the fall of 2015, after neighbors overwhelmingly supported the development. 

The owners blamed the delay on opening on a number of factors, including waiting for construction costs to come down after the August 2016 flood. “A lot of it had to do with the fact that none of us had ever designed a building from scratch,” Paxton said. “So we kept on revisiting everything to make it perfect.”

In the interim between announcing plans for the beer garden and the project getting permitted, Government Street has added a number of high-profile eateries, such as Simple Joe Café, Curbside hamburgers, Tiger Deauxnuts and Barbecue, French Truck Coffee, Rocca Pizzeria, the White Star Market and Soji.

“Just at Radio Bar, we’ve seen a ton more traffic because of all the restaurants,” Paxton said.

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