If there’s a trend in the restaurant scene, the Perkins Overpass area no doubt has it covered.

Want a gastropub? Go to The Overpass Merchant. Want to try new American fare? Go to Kalurah Street Grill. Want to drink coffee while being surrounded by hipsters? Go to Magpie Cafe.

The list keeps going, and this area’s restaurant row only gets boosted with each new opening. But there’s one staple you shouldn’t overlook, especially if you want quick, quality Mexican fare and strong drinks or just want to hang out with friends.

That staple is Zippy’s, an unpretentious dive that serves up burritos, tacos, nachos “and more,” like the sign says.

Zippy’s has been around since 2001, dishing out some of the better fast casual food in the area. Families, college kids, Tiger fans — they all go here to munch on some no-frills food.

On a Friday night, we hit up Zippy's for a late evening dinner, and the line was almost out the door. We picked a few favorites and headed to one of the last free tables in the covered porch area.

My guest got the small nachos ($10.75) with beef (also available with chicken, fajita steak, pork or shrimp). Unlike some other fast-casual stops, Zippy’s doesn’t skimp on the portions. She picked from the variety of toppings (queso, beans, vegetables and salsas), then splurged for guacamole ($1.92). With a pile of toppings, these nachos were above average, and, despite a few dry chips, filling.

I chose the fajita steak enchiladas ($10.95) (also available in crawfish, chicken or cheese) as well as a side tamale ($2.10). The enchiladas came with chips, rice and beans, and these were piping hot and very cheesy. Like most of what Zippy’s does, it’s nothing too special, but it’s hearty and does the trick if you want a quick, good bite to eat.

Also tempting on the menu were the burritos, including the Cowboy (fajita steak, pinto beans, rice, corn and guacamole), the Buffalo Chicken (buffalo chicken, cheese, sour cream, and chipotle ranch), and the Hombre (ground beef, refried beans, rice, and pico de gallo). 

In typical Zippy's fashion, the burritos are messy, salty, greasy and good. Is it the most authentic option for Mexican fare in Baton Rouge? No. Are you going to want to go here for a first date? That depends on who is going on the date, honestly.

On first reference, we know that people might think of some man-child moaning, “Bro, Zippy’s.” With most cases, that dude is wrong. But in the case of Zippy's, he’s so right.

Caroline Grueskin and Lea Skene contributed to this review. 

Zippy's Burritos, Tacos & More  

3155 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge 

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday-Saturday

INFO: Call (225) 388-9000 or visit facebook.com/zippys-burritos-tacos-more-198478496831651

PROS: No skimping on portions; burritos; good spot for hanging out. 

CONS: Don't go here if you're looking for something light.  

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