Mention Joe Burrow, and the Heisman Trophy automatically comes to mind.

Well, that and food. It seems the LSU quarterback has started a food craze in Baton Rouge. While LSU fans are filling their spirits by cheering for the Tigers, they're filling their stomachs with Tiger-inspired cuisine.

And topping the Burrow food craze is the Joey Burriteaux at Zippy's Burritos, Tacos & More.

You may have seen the sign advertising the specialty while driving past the restaurant at 3155 Perkins Road after LSU's victory over Alabama. Zippy's began offering it shortly after Burrow placed an order for a build-your-own burrito. 

"The staff was so excited when they received that order," owner Neal Hendrick told The Advocate in a previous interview. "It was after the Alabama game, and Joe Burrow was on his way to becoming a local icon. The staff said, 'We need to name a burrito for him.' "

The Joey Burriteaux — made with steak, rice, cheese, corn, grilled onions, guacamole, sour cream and salsa — has since become a Zippy's signature dish, selling for $9.25 (the regular size) and $12.25 (the Heisman size.)

But the Burrow-food connection doesn't stop there. Fat Cow Burgers & Salads, 4350 Highland Road, Suite B1, is offering a mile-high sandwich called the Burreaux Burger as its "Burger of the Month" for January.

burreaux burger

Fat Cow Burgers' Burreaux Burger includes fried crawfish. The restaurant is offering it as its Burger of the Month to commemorate LSU's upcoming appearance in the College Football Playoff National Championship game against Clemson in New Orleans on Monday.

So, what makes the Burreaux Burger special? It's stacked with fried crawfish, spicy creole remoulade and arugula, tomato and pepper jack cheese.

"Our owner, Doug Hosford, came up with the combination," manager Richard Cassagne said last week. "He chose crawfish for the burger after Joe Burrow talked about how Coach Orgeron got him to eat crawfish."

Fat Cow traditionally offers a different burger combination as its Burger of the Month at the beginning of each month.

"We've never offered this combination before," Cassagne said. "It was created for the Tigers' trip to the national championship, and we'll offer it until the end of the month after they win."

Cassagne said the restaurant offered a similar combination that included fried alligator and remoulade sauce when LSU played Florida during a past football season.

"We just started offering the Burreaux Burger over the weekend, and we've had a dozen or so orders for it," Cassagne said. "The kids aren't back in school at LSU yet, so we think we'll get more orders, especially with the game coming up."

Still, Burrow wouldn't be playing against Clemson for the College Football Playoff Championship in New Orleans if it weren't for his teammates.

And The Ambrosia Bakery, 8546 Siegen Lane, is offering up lots of LSU-inspired fare to cover the rest of the team, beginning with Ambrosia's sandwich trays made with purple and gold bread. 

"The sandwich trays are popular during football season," manager Allison Hawkins said. "The bread tastes like regular bread; it's just purple and gold."

ambrosia purple and gold sandwich tray

The Ambrosia Bakery offers a sandwich tray with purple and gold bread during football season. 

The Ambrosia Bakery also is stocking its shelves with LSU king cakes daily. These are traditional king cakes, without filling, covered in purple and gold sugar.

"We just leave off the green so it will be in LSU's colors," Hawkins said. "And, customers can also order them with filling."

Purple and gold layer cakes also are on the menu, one being a purple and gold doberge cake with gold icing and filling. Customers can order a whole cake or buy it by the slice.

ambrosia purple and gold cake

The Ambrosia Baker's purple and gold doberge cake.

Also popular are Ambrosia's LSU-themed petit fours. These also are made in the school's colors in "LSU" and tiger stripe designs.

"We also make specialty cakes during football season, but they need to be ordered ahead of time," Hawkins said. "We do a stadium cake, a cut-out tiger and a tiger head. The stadium cake takes two or three days to complete and needs to be ordered well ahead of time."

And, while it's too late to order that Tiger Stadium cake for your party, it could be the centerpiece for a victory celebration later in the week.   

Meanwhile, Baum's Fine Pastries is planning its own cake celebration for an anticipated Tiger victory at its 8406 Florida Blvd., and 10550 Perkins Road locations.

baum's cake 1

Baum's Fine Pastries created a fleur-de-lis king cake to commemorate the New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl win in 2010. The bakery is planning a purple and gold version of the cake if the LSU Tigers win the College Football Playoff Championship game.

"We'll be making a fleur-de-lis cake in purple and gold if LSU wins," said manager Sue Odom. "We made this cake in black and gold when the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010, and it was popular."

The cake will be a traditional cinnamon-flavored king cake with no filling.

"This is a large fleur-de-lis, and it's hard to fill a cake this large," Odom said. "We haven't decided what we're going to place in the center. For the Saints, we placed a fleur-de-lis in the center, but for LSU, it might be a tiger face or a tiger paw."

The bakery also is offering traditional cakes with purple and gold trimming, along with LSU-themed petit fours leading up to the game.

"And it's up to the customers as to how long we'll offer the fleur-de-lis king cake," Odom said. "We'll offer it as long as they want it."

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