“Seriously Good Salads” by Nicky Corbishley, Page Street Publishing Co., 192 pages, paperback, $21.99

My daughter-in-law, a creative cook and a vegetarian, whipped up plenty of flavorful salads during the week I recently spent visiting my son’s family in Washington, D.C. She often makes salad the main course rather than a side dish, and she’s not adverse to adding cooked poultry or seafood to salads she serves to the carnivores at her dinner table.

Her attitude about salads reminded me of that of Nicky Corbishley, creator of the food blog kitchensanctuary.com and author of the newly released cookbook “Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals.”

Corbishley says to eat what you love, but make sure it’s both delicious and satisfying. Her cookbook offers recipes for 75 salads layered with flavor and different textures — and all illustrated with full-color photographs.

Side Dish: Recipe for Prosciutto and Peach Salad with Figs

She opens the cookbook with tips for making the most of salads, such as brushing avocados, apples and pears with lemon juice to prevent their browning too quickly and adding salad dressings just before serving so lettuce leaves don’t wilt. To make a salad portable, put firmer, heavier salad ingredients, such as tomatoes and eggs, on the bottom of the bowl and the lighter ingredients, such as herbs and leaves, on the top. Store the dressing separately.

Corbishley includes plenty of protein-rich salads, beginning with Firecracker Chicken and Wild Rice Nourish Bowl topped with a sweet-and-sour sriracha dressing. Other options are Chimichurri Steak Salad, Warm Bacon and Pea Salad with Lemon Dressing, and Shrimp Primavera Pasta Salad.

Other chapters are devoted to salads featuring cheese and eggs; nutritious grains, nuts and seeds; potatoes, pasta, rice and bread; and fruit. The book ends with a chapter on easy-to-make salad dressings.

Salad lovers should take a look at “Seriously Good Salads.” It’s packed with delicious ideas.

Cheramie Sonnier is a food writer and columnist. Email her at sonnierfood@gmail.com, and follow her on Twitter, @CheramieSonnier.