A little soup. A lot of tea.

Is there any better way to battle this cold and flu season or just cold weather in general? I’m hoping these recipes for cauliflower soup and orange tea will give you a some relief from this cold, sickly season.

I braved the cold last weekend to go to the farmers market for a few vegetables and, most importantly, some Louisiana citrus. I’ve been gulping down orange juice trying to ward off illness, so I needed to replenish my pitcher. I found some huge blood oranges with beautiful, rich red pulp.


When I returned in a slightly frozen state from the market, one of the oranges was immediately squeezed into some tea, sweetened with honey and punctuated with a pinch of cinnamon.

One orange can contain 100 percent of your daily dose of immune-boosting vitamin C. The honey and cinnamon also have healthful antibiotic effects. If you're so inclined, a little bourbon could help the thawing process, too.

I also bought fresh cauliflower at the farmers market. When you’re sick, or just cold and tired, a simple one-pot meal of comfort food goes a long way.

This cauliflower soup is very easy to make and easy on the wallet. It doesn't require much prep work or effort, perfect for a cold night or when your energy level is low.

It’s thick and creamy — like a hug from the inside — and you might even fool some folks into thinking it’s potato soup.

I hope you all stay well or recover soon. Maybe a little hot tea and some soup will help.

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. You can reach her at ieatbrla@gmail.com.