The Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans has announced it is expanding its services to Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes, according to a news release. CAGNO offers counseling, support and assistance to patients undergoing cancer treatment in southeastern Louisiana.

The expansion is part of a partnership with Baton Rouge General, the release says. CAGNO’s resources include prescription medication, nutritional supplements, prosthetics and supplies, as well as support groups and transportation assistance, in the form of gas cards.

“In our 60-year history, we’ve learned a lot about the needs of cancer patients and their families,” said Tammy Swindle, CAGNO executive director, in the release. “We’re proud to be able to use that knowledge to expand and help even more people through their cancer journeys.”

As part of the expansion into Baton Rouge, members of the CAGNO team will be located in Baton Rouge to assist cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment.

“CAGNO’s work in New Orleans has touched the lives of thousands of patients and their families,” said Edgardo Tenreiro, president and CEO of Baton Rouge General, in the release. “Baton Rouge patients have the same needs, and by expanding into our area, we’ll be able to ensure that local patients get all the support and assistance that can help them continue their treatment and recovery.”

Each year, CAGNO distributes more than $200,000 in financial assistance to cancer patients, fills nearly 2,000 prescriptions and provides gas cards to more than 300 patients with transportation needs, the release says. In addition, the organization provides living assistance and medical supplies to hundreds of patients in their 13-parish region of southeastern Louisiana. Well-known for their Viva La Cure and Breastoration events, the organization has also helped women to receive more than $100,000 in financial aid for breast reconstruction in the last year. For more information, call CAGNO at (504) 733-5539 or visit