EDITOR’S NOTE: Ed Pratt has long battled his weight. Sometimes, like most of us, he’s won. Sometimes, like most of us, he hasn’t. This year, the regular columnist in the Saturday Advocate vows it will be different. Over the next 12 months, Pratt, who is assistant to the chancellor for media relations at Southern University, will track his journey in Be Fit BR. You can get in touch with him at epratt1972@yahoo.com.

“Here is the tale of the tape: Height: 5-feet, 7 inches Weight: 250 pounds Age: 58

“To put this into perspective, Saints star tight end Jimmy Graham is 6-feet-7inches tall and only 15 pounds heavier. Yikes!

“My goal is to lose at least 40 pounds this year and to keep the pounds from returning. About 9 years ago I lost 50 pounds. I weighed 250 pounds then, also. I don’t know if that is doable now, but who knows.

“Since my birth mother died from complications from heart disease and high blood pressure (hypertension) and my father had heart disease, it is imperative that I take this weight issue seriously and immediately.

“I have taken on a new regimen. I am not calling what I am doing a diet. I don’t want to use that word because it implies that this is for only a certain period of time.

“This is a lifestyle/nutrition change. The intent is to keep the weight off permanently.

“My effort will involve exercise (3 times a week), changes in what and when I eat, and sleep habits. I am a voracious reader and sometimes that takes me past midnight. It is usually accompanied by really late night eating. That will be reduced significantly.

“I hope that I can lose 8 to10 pounds this month. However, I won’t be discouraged if it is only 3 or 4. Any loss will be a positive.

“I have started a Facebook site – PrattWontBeFatt – where folks can follow my progress and get updates on my ups and downs. It will be a fun site.

“In all seriousness, this is going to be tough.”