J'on and Barry Blumberg may be of Social Security age, but they have no intention of downsizing.

The couple just added a 3,000-square-foot addition to their 17-year-old home off Old Hammond near Jefferson.

The original part of the house was designed by architect Cindy Stewart for the Blumbergs' casual lifestyle.

"We are not formal people," J'on Blumberg said. "This is not a formal house."

In fact, the only formal room in the house is the dining room, decorated by Daryl Rogers, with a table that comfortably seats 14.

"For all the big holidays — Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Passover — everyone is at my house," she said. "We want people to come in and relax and feel at home."

Several years ago, the Blumbergs were able to purchase 60 feet of property behind their house, which gave them the room to add on.

The addition includes a new master bedroom and bath, as well as his and hers closets. His and hers shoe closets, too.

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J'on Blumberg's cousin and friend, Carol Lacour, helped with the new addition, which was built by Logan Killen, who also built the original part of the home.

"Carol and I have completely different tastes," J'on Blumberg said. "But she gets me."

J'on Blumberg likes to decorate with items collected in the couple's travels, family pieces and artwork, including two stained-glass pieces by artist Sam Corso. The mantel over the brick fireplace in the living room is accessorized for every season.

Custom-made cypress windows at the back of the living room and keeping room provide light throughout the public areas of the home. J'on Blumberg even has a window in her closet.

The entrance to the addition is through an area that was originally J'on Blumberg's tiny office. Now the transition between the old and new has a storage closet, a new laundry room and her new office with plenty of space for her yarn stash.

"Knitting is my passion," she said. 

To make room for the addition, the couple removed a brick-and-wood fence at the rear of the property and extended the slate patio to the area behind their swimming pool. They also added a large cabana with seating, dining and barbecue areas.

The cabana has turned their home into party central, the perfect place to visit with their children, Leila Blumberg and Andy Blumberg, and his wife Kate and their three sons.

The cabana has a vaulted cypress ceiling and two sets of sliding barn doors at the back. For a recent party, the barn doors were thrown open and a taco truck pulled in to serve guests.

"We love to have people over," J'on Blumberg said. 

There's also an old Coca-Cola machine Barry Blumberg bought for $25 that now serves as the beer refrigerator. And some guests might find themselves seated in the Blumbergs' seats from the old Alex Box Stadium, just a part of Barry Blumberg's vast LSU collection.

He's a devoted fan who never misses a football game — home or away — and who attends most LSU basketball and baseball games. LSU memorabilia fills a large cabinet in the original master bedroom, which the couple turned into a combination TV room and playroom for their grandchildren. Barry Blumberg even has three generations of Baton Rouge High School rings — his, his mother's and his grandmother's. 

His office is also decorated in purple and gold with a painting of a tiger at the entrance, a purple bearskin rug and a mirror framed in LSU colors.