Perhaps during your home days, you've chosen to Marie Kondo your way through closets and cabinets. Your newly organized self finds minimalism attractive.

You want your home to be a sanctuary, but with less clutter. Or maybe more meaningful clutter.

The idea is clean, modern decor, but with softness built in.

You still want pillows and throws, just less of them.

You still want family heirlooms, just not quite so many.

You still want color, just in more subtle ways.

You get the idea.

The trends are bending toward decor that's handcrafted; pieces with nature references; palettes that soothe.

In a word, restrained.

We've scoped out the design shows and sites for the latest home ideas. Here's what's coming: 

Beige is back: Neutral colors of warm Earth and hazy summer skies will be coloring our walls and furniture. Behr paint company is calling its color of the year Back to Nature.

Oh-so-soft textiles: Think cashmere, cotton, wool and linen, knitted and crocheted, shaggy sheepskin and velvet.

Eco-friendly: Go for items made with sustainable materials, such as bamboo, wood, hemp, wool, linen, straw, clay, stone, sand, beeswax and coconut. 

Vintage items: Embrace the reduce, reuse, recycle trend, and show off pieces with a family history or a found object that really speaks to your heart, such as, a la Tom Hanks, a vintage typewriter.

Metals: Look for metals that are hammered and buffed, bringing in the interplay of light with your decor. Brass is replacing stainless as the metal of the moment.

Circular: Soft edges are playing out in round coffee tables, side tables and chairs as well as mirrors and globe pendants. You'll also find lots of circles in patterns or accessories

Natural fibers: Rattan and cane furniture is back in style. They also let the light in, whether it's through chair backs or room dividers.

Less shine: Vases and ceramic pieces are going less shiny, more matte to mute the hardness.

Pattern: Organic designs, such as flowers, leaves and trees, are in art, wallpaper or accent items, be it a painting, pillow or lampshade.

Go green: Plants and flowers enliven spaces, so go big, maybe even small-tree big. The shiny leaves of a fiddle leaf fig make a real statement or try growing a small citrus tree in a spot with lots of light. Place them in natural fiber baskets to bring in more organic elements.