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Mrs. Schiller’s Delight viburnum is the LSU AgCenter's new Louisiana Super Plant for fall.

The LSU AgCenter has a new Louisiana Super Plant for this fall.

“Mrs. Schiller’s Delight will bring excitement to native plant enthusiasts and home gardeners in Baton Rouge,” says LSU AgCenter horticulturist Allen Owings.

It’s a native viburnum that is a natural for the south Louisiana landscape.

Originally introduced in Florida, the variety has a tight, dwarf growth habit. Growing 4 to 5 feet tall with an equal spread, the plants are evergreen and especially site adaptable. Foliage is fine textured — similar in size to a dwarf yaupon holly.

This viburnum could be planted in full sun, part sun or part shade.

“A woodland garden with dappled sunlight being filtered into the landscape during the day would be an ideal setting,” Owings said.

Space plants about 5 feet apart. Although plants in the wild are found in slightly boggy areas, this viburnum works well in almost any soil type but does prefer a slightly acidic soil.

The most attractive feature of Mrs. Schiller’s Delight is the small clusters of white, fragrant flowers that appear for 4 weeks from late March through early May. As plants reach 4 to 5 years of age, the vast majority of the plant canopy can be covered in blossoms.

“Bees take advantage of the early-season blooms of this native species,” Owings said.

Mrs. Schiller’s Delight viburnum has no insect or disease issues of importance. Plants only need pruning to maintain a desired size or shape.

The plant is great for wildlife and can be considered a substitute for dwarf yaupon, Indian hawthorn, boxwoods and similar foundation plants, Owings said.

The LSU AgCenter, working with the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association, developed the Super Plants program that uses university research to identify and promote exceptional plants that perform well in Louisiana, Owings said. They must prove hardy across the state and be easily produced and available for all nursery and landscape industry wholesalers and retailers to market and sell.

Mrs. Schiller’s Delight viburnum joins this year’s other selections from spring — Evolution salvia and Serenita Raspberry angelonia. A total of 35 landscape plants have now been named Louisiana Super Plants.

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