This Christmas is especially nostalgic for Danna and Kenny Hodges.

The family will be moving next spring to a home they are building a few blocks away in the same Bocage Jefferson Place neighborhood. With all the excitement of a new home comes a little sadness about what's being left behind.

"We have mixed feelings about leaving," Danna Hodges said. "There are a lot of memories here."

Those memories play out in the trees and decorations, some given by family members who have passed away.

As in the past, the family has three tall Christmas trees.

In the living room at the rear of the home is the kids' tree filled with colorful ornaments and items made over the years by the three Hodges children — Annie, 16, Lucy, 15, and Andrew, 13.

"We try to do picture ornaments of the children each year," Hodges said. 

The younger generation's tree is topped with an angel, a wedding gift from Danna Hodges' sister, who is now deceased.

"I love it because it reminds me of her," she said.

A silver and gold tree in the main living room includes lots of silver bells and balls.

"My mom started the tradition of giving these ornaments when Annie was born in 2002," Hodges said. "My mother has passed away, but I have kept up the tradition, and now these are the gifts I give my goddaughters."

The large entry hall is home to the third tree — a tall fir sparkling with white lights — and garland with red berries and bows tops the stairway banister. 

More trees, although on a much smaller scale, are found in the dining room, where three small trees center the table, which is set with Spode Christmas china given to Danna Hodges by her grandmother and great-grandmother when she married. 

Nutcrackers are also a decorating favorite for the family. 

Standing sentry at the garland-draped front door is a pair of life-sized nutcrackers.

"I just had to have those," Hodges said of the figures she spotted at Red Door Interiors years ago.

After the couple's son Andrew was born, she started collecting nutcrackers for him. Among those standing at attention on the dining room sideboard is one that's a reminder of daughter Lucy's role as a lamb in a presentation of "The Nutcracker."

"Andrew loves the nutcrackers," Hodges said. "This year, he set them up by himself."

One of the family's most cherished Christmas treasures is a manger scene. It spreads out across the sofa table in the main living room.

"Each year, I try to add something that is the true Christmas when I buy my ornaments," Hodges said.

Another family favorite is a tree-shaped rack where family Christmas cards from past years hang, and everyone can see how they've changed through the pictures on the cards.

With 2018's Christmas coming to an end, the family will pack away their Christmas decorations one more time in their old home. And, while much will be different in their new home, there will definitely be places for the family's holiday traditions.

"When we were discussing the design of the house, I wanted to be sure we had a place for the nutcrackers and a balcony with a place for garlands," Hodges said.