Ashley Guglielmo knows she's bucking the trend when it comes to the colors in her home.

"The trend is for everything to be painted white," said Guglielmo. "I have to admit that I am out of style, but I am a big blue person. Most every room has blue in it."  

Two years ago, when she and husband Carey Guglielmo were planning a major renovation of their Berkley Hill home, they had the chance to change everything.

But the couple decided to stick with the traditional look, opting to keep the natural cypress in the exposed beams, moldings, cabinets and trim and use colors that complement the wood.

The home was built in the mid-1980s by contractor Jeff Birnbaum and was in excellent condition when the Guglielmos moved there in 1999.

They loved the open floor plan with the living room and dining room separated by a wide brick arch. And that both rooms have easy access to the patio and landscaped backyard.

But 30-plus years of living takes a toll, and the couple called on contractor Harwood Leonard to help renovate the bathrooms and replacement of many of the deteriorated windows. They also painted most of the rooms in the house.

"What we did was all mainly cosmetic," Ashley Guglielmo said. 

But when it came to the wide-plank heart of pine floors, a big decision had to be made.

"I wanted to go dark, but everyone said I should take the floors to their original natural color," she said. "I am glad I did."

The home is decorated with antiques and lots of blue and white china.

"I love hand-me-downs and castoffs from friends and especially from my mother-in-law, Betsy Guglielmo," Guglielmo said.

Even though she is a collector, she uses accessories sparingly.

"I come from a family of collectors. They have a lot of very nice things, but just a lot of it," she said. "I am somewhat the opposite."

With the advice of decorator David Coco, Guglielmo selected the colors to go with the wood tones.

In the kitchen, Guglielmo really liked patterned tile backsplash, so Coco mixed two paint colors and used a final wash to come up with a gray-blue that matches perfectly.

In the living room, where cabinets are natural cypress and several walls are brick, Guglielmo took a chip of a deep blue paint that had been used in the room for many years, had it copied and painted two walls that same color.

Off the kitchen are a powder room, the laundry room and a bar, which has a window that opens to the patio.

"That makes it so convenient to serve people who are outside," she said.

To the right of the entrance foyer is a small den that has had many lives over the years, including as an office for Carey Guglielmo, co-founder of AST E-Commerce.

"For one family, it was a nursery," Guglielmo said. "For us, it has been an office, a playroom, then a media room and now a den."

The master bedroom is her favorite room with draperies in a print fabric selected along with other fabrics in the house with assistance from her friend Susan Maxwell. 

The master bath, originally with a pink tile floor, got a complete update with a marble floor, new shower, tub, counters and shutters.

Upstairs is a small landing, now a sitting area, and bedrooms for the Guglielmos' children, Anne Scott, 14, and Tripp, 17. During the renovation, some cabinets were removed to make more room in the bathroom the two siblings share. Anne Scott also has her own art room in what was originally a walk-in closet off the downstairs hall.