Clear your yard of standing water to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

All of the rain lately has set us up for mosquitoes — lots of mosquitoes.

One of the best ways to get rid of these pesky insects is to eliminate their breeding grounds. There are a number of areas in your yard that can be potential breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Here are some ways that you can get rid of mosquito breeding grounds around your yard and home and stop these pests from ruining your outdoor fun:

1. Dump out any standing water around your yard and home: It takes only about a quarter of an inch of water for mosquitoes to lay and hatch their eggs. Places you can commonly find standing water include tire swings, children’s toys, trash can lids, wheelbarrows and kiddie pools.

2. Clean up any litter in your yard: Even small items, such as bottle caps and cans, can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

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3. Regularly check your gutters for clogging: Gutters can be another hot spot for mosquito breeding. If leaves gather in your gutters and clog the drainage system, that will likely result in a buildup of stagnant water.

4. Change out the water in your birdbath: This water can easily become stagnant if there is not much activity. Change out the water at least once a week.

5. Get rid of yard debris: Leaf piles, grass clippings, compost piles and even thick vegetation can make for the perfect places for mosquitoes to live.

6. Hire a professional: If you are unable to make sure these pests do not have anywhere to breed and multiply, there are companies that can treat for mosquitoes.