Krewe of Assisi court, from left, Butch Jones, Wendy Womack-Phillips, Mitch Brashier, Kelli David, King Assisi I Leonard J. Sullivan, Queen Assisi I Nancy Vinci, Heather Walters, Chuck Walters, Brandy Fournet and Daniel Fournet.

Taking a cue from famed artist John James Audubon, who once lived in and painted the birds of West Feliciana Parish, and St. Francis of Assisi, who preached to the birds, the inaugural Krewe of Assisi chose “Clothed in Feathers” as the theme for its first Mardi Gras Ball on Feb. 7.

The gala affair was held at Hemingbough in St. Francisville with each member of the royal court representing a different species of bird.

Reigning over the festivities were King Assisi I Leonard J. Sullivan, escorted by his daughter Susan Thomas and daughter-in-law Candice Sullivan; and Queen Assisi I Nancy Vinci, escorted by her son Baker Vinci.

The tableau opened with the introduction of ball captain Miles Higgins, who welcomed guests before turning things over to the night’s emcee, krewe board member Luke Williamson.

Following the promenade of the king and queen were members of their court — maids Brandy Fournet, Heather Walters, Kelli David and Wendy Womack-Phillips, and dukes Daniel Fournet, Chuck Walters, Mitch Brashier and Butch Jones. The tableau concluded with a toast to the king, queen and royal court.

Before everyone took to the dance floor with Snapper & the Fishsticks, Higgins and the board presented a check to the Feliciana Tennis Community as part of its mission to benefit causes and charities in West Feliciana Parish.

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