Gabriel LXXVIII Thomas Chance and Evangeline LXXVIII Christine Beaullieu, daughter of Paul and Jhan Beaullieu, reigned over the Grand Ball of the Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association on Mardi Gras evening.

The Heymann Performing Arts and Convention stage, depicting an interior palace ballroom scene, provided the backdrop as members of the Royal Court took their bows.

Following the presentation of the association's crest, the king entered followed by the queen, who was escorted by Rick Chappuis III, president of the Greater Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association.

Serving as Royal Honor Dukes to Gabriel LXXVIII were Joseph Bouligny and Robert Torian.

Royal Dukes were Brian Colomb, Colby Colomb, Darren Guidry, James Hightower, Robert Kallam, Robert Mahtook Jr., Karl Mestayer, Gary Rudick, William Stagg and James Zehnder II.

Presented as Honor Maids to the queen were Madeline Brown, daughter of Warren Brown and Nicole Brown, and Elise Gibbens, daughter of Mike and Jodi Gibbens.

Maids were Sarah Boustany, daughter of Ronald and Mimi Boustany; Abby Duplechain, daughter of Dr. Kevin and Debby Duplechain; Caroline Guidry, daughter of Darren and Michelle Guidry; Alexandra Hay, daughter of Terrence Hay and Francesca Orgeron; Alexandra Hightower, daughter of James and Mary Hightower; Caroline Kallam, daughter of Robert and Michelle Kallam; Sarah Logan, daughter of Greg and Darcy Logan; Michelle Mahtook, daughter of Robert and Judy Mahtook; Lindsey Zehnder, daughter of James and Elisa Zehnder; and Mattie Zepernick, daughter of Richard and Sheila Zepernick.

Pages to the king were Benjamin Patrick Ardoin and Hayes Charles Guidry. Pages to the queen were Hayes Hamilton Beaullieu and Henry Russell Chachere. Court jester Rebecca Fisher is the daughter of Lindsey and Rosalind Fisher.

When members of the court were assembled following the grand march, Dewitt “Zeen” David, Gabriel LXXVII, and Evangeline LXXVII, Katherine “Katie” Blanchet, were presented.

Set design and construction for the ball was by Joel Theriot.