Southdowns Royalty 2019.jpg

Krewe of Southdowns King Thom Harris and Queen Sylvia Wilson

Queen Sylvia Hoover Wilson and King Thom Harris reigned over the 32nd annual Krewe of Southdowns Mardi Gras Ball on Saturday, Feb. 9, at the Lyceum Ballroom.

Wilson, a member of the Dancing Girls, depicted the Ruler of the Cosmos, while Harris, a 15-year veteran of the Krewe of Flambeaux, was a "Guardian of the Galaxy."

Ball Captain Mary Gladney and her Space Force Cadets — Amy Moore, Sylvia Wilson, and Dawn Muscarella — welcomed all to the evening’s celebration of this year’s parade theme "Science Fiction." The ballroom glittered with tiny silver space ships and banners depicting scenes from great moments in science fiction.

Master of ceremonies Time Lord Elsie Michie stepped from her Tardis to open the tableau. Jet packs blazing, Dancing Girls Captain Ky Burke and her retinue of silver-space-suited cyborgs danced before the Golden Palmetto Throne, where last year’s king and queen, David Gleason and Michele Roach, waited to welcome the new royalty.

To the stirring strains of Gustav Holst’s "The Planets," the royal couple ascended their thrones. The king was attended by the Flambeaux of the Outer Darkness, James Wilson and Jeff Darvill. The queen was attended by her Dancing Constellations, Teresa Donich, Susan Ritter and Sherry Wilkes.

Rocketing in from a galaxy far, far away, parade founder Dr. William Gladney and his Rebel Alliance — Commander Elizabeth Delaney, Barrister Joe Simmons and Scribe and Keeper of the Bitcoin Terri DuCote — took their places.

With a flourish of his light saber, Gladney called for the review of the Flambeaux Jedi Guard, led by Flambeaux Skywalkers Greg Albrecht, Hudson Chasteen, Walter Fahr, Tad Haller, John Hogan, Brigitte Reulet and Kevin Stuart. Lords of Neverwhere Danny Bagaley, Justin Moore and Phil Adams and Logistical Master Kurt Ghirardi declared the parade route free of asteroids. Krewe Wizard Mim Aretsky confirmed favorable parade weather.

Gus Wilkes, parade captain and "Man in the High Castle," began the roll call of the krewes: Duckbusters, Du Funk, Du Monde, Du Void, Fish, Gleaux, Holla-Peneaux, Kaboom, Krewe d’Etranger, De Loop, Yazoo, Loose, Lyonnesse, Madness, Pecans, Pigs, Potter, Tailgate, Tiger Train, Trinity, VooDoo and Woo Hoo.

Dancing followed to the Ernest Scott R&B Band and the Ice Man Special.