King Hephaestus LVII David Patterson and Queen Hephaestus LVII Grace Pecoraro reigned over the royal court of Morgan City’s oldest krewe at its "Nod to the Norden" ball Feb. 25 in the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium.

Krewe Captain Joey Dohmann depicted the Noble Viking.

The maids and dukes represented various aspects of life in Norden. Representing Viking weapons and armor was Edwin Kline and representing the Viking Longship was Ashton Nicole Morales, daughter of Jason and Nicole Cline.

Representing the Sea Serpent was Dr. Francis Scott Sicard, with the Sea Siren represented by Mary Jordan Melancon, daughter of Eric and Karen Melancon.

The Viking Hunter was represented by Joe Sanford and representing the Forest Fairy was Mary Margaret Sanford, daughter of Joe and Gina Sanford.

Representing the Viking Longhouse was Dr. Warner Hudson and representing Viking Treasures was Alaina Smith, daughter of Lance and Therese Smith.

The Midnight Sun was represented by Mason Carbonell and representing The Northern Lights was Mary Gerlach, daughter of Robert and Leslie Gerlach.

Representing Laplander was Brandon Porth and representing the Ice Princess was Emma Hover, daughter of Shannon Thomas and Gary and Lisa Hover.

Pages to his majesty were Loukis Argenti, son of Andreas and Amy Argenti; Samuel Landry, son of Matthew and Jaclyn Landry; and Philip Mahfouz, son of Mark and Andrea Mahfouz. Pages to her majesty were Eleanor Argenti, daughter of Andreas and Amy Argenti; Elizabeth Patterson, daughter of David and Kellye Patterson; and Vivienne Vining, daughter of Michael and Diana Vining.

Court heralds were Vincent Dohmann, son of Joey and Sharon Dohmann, and Nate Morice, son of Trey and Jennifer Morice. Gift bearers were Sophie Matte, daughter of Jeffrey and Lauren Matte, and Jaidyn Steele, daughter of Jordan Steele and Leon and English Thibodeaux.

Knights of Hephaestus were Dwayne Aucoin, Gregory Hamer Jr., Gary Hover and John B. Hover.

The king is the husband of Kelleye Barbier Patterson, and they have five children, Kimberly, Bradley, Whitney, Wrenn and Elizabeth. He is the CFO of Central Boat Rentals, Bayou Inspection Services and Acadiana Testing & Heating.

The queen is the daughter of Grant and Nicky Romaine Pecoraro. She is a sophomore at Texas Christian University, where she is a psychology major and a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, St. Jude's Up Til' Dawn executive committee and TCU Students for Life.

Entertainment for the ball was provided by Dance World. Following the ball, breakfast was served.