Krewe of Lyonnesse Royal Court, from left, Prince Remy Babin, Prince Hudson Lalande, Baron Blake Griffin, King Lyonnesse XXIII James Alexander Van Hook, Queen Lyonnesse XXIII Olivia Catherine Van Hook, Duchess Maya Breland, Princess Josie Costello and Princess Nora Costello.

“A Look Back on the 20th Century” was the theme for the 23rd annual Mardi Gras Ball for the Krewe of Lyonnesse on Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Marriott Hotel.

King Lyonnesse XXIII James Alexander Van Hook, Queen Lyonnesse XXIII Olivia Catherine Van Hook reigned over the festivities.

President Jacqueline Mendoza Hayes welcomed members and guests to the Royal Hall of Lyonnesse. This year’s ball Captains Renée Willis and Carol Mosley introduced the master of ceremonies, Chad Sabadie. Beau Willis, a duke of the krewe, sang the national anthem.

The king and queen are the children of Catherine and James A "Jim" Van Hook III. They are the grandchildren of Sue and James "Jim" Van Hook Jr., Jane and Patrick Davenport, Frank L. Maraist, and the late Catherine Underwood Maraist. The king is a sophomore at Catholic High School, and the queen is in the eighth grade at the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge.

Royal attendants were Prince Remy Babin, Duchess Maya Breland, Princess Nora Costello, Princess Josie Costello, Baron Blake Griffin and Prince Hudson Lalande.

Returning as the 2019 royal court were King Benjamin Flynt Papizan and Queen Ann Malloy Kimble, Prince Locke Brackin, Duchess Anna Claire Hammett, Baron Harrison Hammett, Baron Max Kimble and Princess Tatum Truax.

King XXI Connor Cook and Queen XXI Cooper Willis served as medallion presenters.

In the tableau were:

1900s — Boston Red Sox — Baron West Guillory, First World Series — Baron Luke Mendoza; 1910s — Magician — Baron Ryan Droddy, Suffragette — Princess Savannah Guillory, Explorers — Prince Iain Jones and Prince Ronan Jones; 1920s — Flappers — Duchess Katie Delcambre, Duchess Rachel Kennedy and Princess Angele Kennedy, Gangster — Duke Russell McKnight; 1930s — "Wizard of Oz" — Dorothy — Duchess Elizabeth Kessler, Tin Man — Duchess Shiloh Arrasmith, Scarecrow — Duke William Kessler, Lion — Duke Adam Tessmer; 1940s — All American Girls Professional Baseball League — Duchesses Anna Day and Margaret Viator, World War II Pilot — Prince Warren Pleasant, Rosie the Riveter — Baroness Kai Washington; 1950s — Barbie — Baroness Haven Daigle, Elvis — Prince Sean Daigle, James Dean — Baron Tyler Delcambre, Marilyn Monroe — Duchess Elizabeth Odeh; 1960s — Mod Dancer — Duchess Amelia Pleasant, Flower Child — Princess Marguerite Uzee, "I Dream of Jeannie" — Jeannie — Princess Abigail Viator, Astronaut Major Nelson — Prince Jacob Droddy; 1970s — Rubik’s Cube — Princess Chantia Doyle, Sonny and Cher — Baron Harrison Lalande and Duchess Sophia Shapiro; 1980s — MTV — Madonna — Duchess Quinlan Daigle, Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe — Duke Anthony Modica, Aerobic Dancer — Duchess Cecile Taylor, MC Hammer — Duke Taylor Tran, George Michael — Duke Beau Willis; 1990s — Friends and Revelers — Duchess Emily Day, Duke Jonathan Hayes and Duke Nolan Levy.

The mission of the Krewe of Lyonnesse is to celebrate the family, while enjoying southern Louisiana tradition of Mardi Gras.

Krewe members are age 3 through high school seniors, who take part in the ball processional and ride in the Southdowns Parade. In addition, the krewe participates in community service activities and presents an annual tableau for the residents of Williamsburg Retirement Center. Founded in 1996, the krewe takes its name from the tale of Lyonnesse in the legends of King Arthur.