A bit controlling, a bit anarchist and a whole lot intriguing, Louisiana actress Katherine LaNasa has settled into her latest role as high-end madam Adrianna on USA Network’s new drama, “Satisfaction.”

The edgy series is helmed by producer Sean Jablonski (“Nip/Tuck,” “Suits”) and zeroes in on modern marriage through one couple: Neil Truman (Matt Passmore, “The Glades”) and his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak, “The Devil Wears Prada”).

“I think one of the fun things is she’s (Adrianna’s) just this total fantasy character,” LaNasa, who was born in New Orleans and grew up in Baton Rouge, said the day after the July 17 premiere of “Satisfaction.” “I don’t think being a madam is the real point of her. I think she’s like a puppetmaster. She just likes to shake things up.

“She’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades … her being a madam is more about the intrigue, being a deviant, about controlling people. There must be some level of excitement for her about doing something illicit.”

Adrianna and her connection to Neal and Grace was introduced in the pilot episode, which stretched past the usual 60 minutes to around an hour and 20 minutes.

“I think they wanted the opportunity to give it some breath, make it more like a movie,” LaNasa said. “I thought it was so beautifully directed by Kevin Bray.

“The show is really daring actually, very interesting, very complicated. The characters really being complicated, all of us. It’s really nice.”

“Satisfaction” dares to ask, “What do you do when you have everything and it’s not enough?” LaNasa, of course, has her own opinion on the subject.

“Well sure, I feel like I do have everything, but there are times when I’m not acting like that. You feel overwhelmed, and you have to take a breath and say it’s not that big of a deal,” she said. “I believe in (and I think it’s cliché for a reason) inner happiness, inner peace.

“I’ve had so much and had nothing. I don’t relate the periods of having the most money with being the happiest. I feel like I’m lucky that I’ve gotten to get that on a visceral level already, at this stage of my life. The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow right here.”

Part of that present pot of gold, no doubt, is LaNasa and husband Grant Show’s new baby, Eloise, born March 25.

“I shot the pilot when I was between 4½ and 5½ months pregnant,” she said. “I started back when Eloise was six weeks old.”

LaNasa is commited to shooting 10 episodes of the Atlanta-shot “Satisfaction” so far.

Show, also an actor, was shooting Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” (he plays Spence Westmore), also in Atlanta, so the L.A. couple temporarily relocated to the southern city, and Eloise was born there.

“They’ve been really great to me at USA and given me room and time, so I can nurse and I can bring the baby with me, and it’s all been actually really smooth,” LaNasa said of juggling acting and mothering.

“I work about 2½ days an episode, about two of every seven days, but long hours. And we found a good nanny in Atlanta.”

Last working in her home-state for the 2012 New Orleans-shot feature film “The Campaign,” LaNasa said she’d love another Louisiana project.

“It’s always just great to shoot in Louisiana for me, because it’s just so fun to get to see my family other than making a short trip where you’re just crowding in getting to see everyone.”

She’ll make one of those special trips home to Baton Rouge family next month, for the christening of baby Eloise, she said.

“Satisfaction” airs at 9 p.m. Thursdays on USA Network (cable Channel 27 in Baton Rouge and Lafayette).