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Greg Sestero, right, with Tommy Wiseau; the two starred together in Wiseau's 'The Room' and again in the 2017 movie 'Best F(r)iends.'

"The Room" is practically the gold standard for "so bad, it's good" movies.

The 2003 movie — directed by, written by and starring the truly enigmatic Tommy Wiseau — is widely considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. But in an absurd way, the filmmaking decisions are so terrible, so nutty, that they've propelled "The Room" into infamous, cult status.

"The Room" truly bombed in its initial two-week run, making $1,800 at the box office against its $6 million budget (funded by Wiseau from God knows where). The movie, though, has had a notorious second life in midnight showings and interactive tours, where plastic spoons and footballs are thrown around, suits are encouraged and everyone knows the lines.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, the Manship Theatre will host "The Room Live!" with Greg Sestero, the co-lead in "The Room" and the author of "The Disaster Artist," the wild inside look at the derailed production. Two showings will be held: 7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Along with screening "The Room," Sestero will give an extended Q&A, tell behind the scenes stories of filming and talk about his friendship with Wiseau. And there will be a reading of select scenes from the script involving randomly selected audience members. A meet and greet with Sestero will take place an hour before each show.

Tickets are $24.99 and are now on sale at

Sestero met Wiseau when he was 19 years old and taking acting lessons in San Francisco and the two became close — or as close as someone can get to Wiseau without figuring out where he's actually from (he claims New Orleans, but have you heard that accent?) or how old he really is.

Then Wiseau cast Sestero in his indie movie project. "The Room" was meant to be the heart-breaking story of Johnny (Wiseau), whose All-American, happy life falls apart when his girlfriend, Lisa (Juliette Danielle), cheats on him with his best friend, Mark (Sestero). Wiseau's bizarre vision and a troubled production led to what's been called "The 'Citizen Kane' of bad movies."

In 2013, Sestero wrote "The Disaster Artist," an autobiographical account of his friendship with Wiseau, his experiences making "The Room" and what it was like seeing the movie take on its cult status.

The book was adapted into a 2017 movie starring Dave Franco (as Sestero) and James Franco (as Wiseau), which breathed new life into "The Room" and its strange history.

"The Room Live!" at the Manship Theatre is being co-presented by Jonathan Mares Productions. More about "The Room" can be found at and

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