Nicolas Cage file photo

Nicolas Cage in 2004

A new movie starring Nicolas Cage is set to start filming in downtown Baton Rouge next week.

In the police thriller "10 Double Zero," according to, Cage will play a detective "infamous for crossing the line when he has to." After several cops are killed in a shootout, Cage's character and his partner (played by Sofia Pernas) set out to catch the killers. But, "as they get closer to solving the crime, they soon find themselves the targets of a conspiracy in the ranks of the police force as the investigation leads right back to them."

"10 Double Zero" was written by Nick Vallelonga, who won two Academy Awards earlier this year for his co-writing and co-producing work on "Green Book." That film was also shot in locations around south Louisiana.

Christian Sesma is directing "10 Double Zero," and co-stars include Paul Sloan (who shares a writing credit), Murielle Telio, Samantha Lockwood and John Lewis.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, through Saturday, Aug. 10, parts of downtown Baton Rouge will be closed for filming. According to WBRZ, several scenes will include actors and stuntmen holding prop firearms and acting out a shootout. Audible gunfire and explosive-type noise will be used during filming on Aug. 10.

Cage is a familiar face in south Louisiana. The Oscar-winning actor has filmed several movies in New Orleans and Baton Rouge (including the 2014 "Left Behind"), and in October sneakily dropped in to the Manship Theatre to watch himself in the acid-trip freak-out horror flick "Mandy." 

We may need to start a "Cage Watch."