Kevin McQuarn followed the original "Teen Titans" series on Cartoon Network from 2003-2006. Now, he watches the spinoff, "Teen Titans Go!," with his two younger sons.

One of Monday's episodes will be extra special for the Gonzales videographer — he wrote the script.

You could say McQuarn has come full circle, but he'll tell you he's just getting started.

His growing multimedia company FantomLight Productions creates documentaries, short films and promotional videos for entities including the West Baton Rouge Museum, Baton Rouge Community College and Community Coffee. In addition, he and his assistant producer, Vanessa Rivas, are seeking investors for the company's first feature-length film.

But back to the cartoons.

"Teen Titans Go!" revolves around a group of teen superheroes — Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg — and the funny things that happen as they live together, save the world and be regular teens in their off-time. Two episodes air in each half-hour block of the series.

"I pitched the idea to the Warner Bros. Animation producers (in Los Angeles) a little over a year ago," McQuarn said of his meeting with "Teen Titans Go!'s" creators. "I pitched them three ideas and they liked them, so they asked me to write an outline for this one. So I wrote that and they loved it, and they went ahead and wanted me to write the script for it."

Not to give away the whole plot, McQuarn will say the Easter-themed, 11-minute story titled "Booty Eggs" does involve the Easter Bunny.

"But in the 'Teen Titan' universe, he's nasty, really nasty," he said of the giant rabbit.

The process from outline to finished script took about three months.

"And it was the most fun I've had in a long time, because 'Teen Titans,' they're the same characters we grew up with, but they're younger, funny, just a sillier version," McQuarn said. "So I was doing a lot of the serious documentaries on things like slavery, just different hard topics, so I got the opportunity to do something fun and lighthearted, and I just jumped at it. It was really refreshing. It was a fun script to do."

Then came the lengthy animation process to turn McQuarn's words into the episode viewers will see on Monday.

"I finished the script a little over a year ago, but the animation takes so long, and since mine was an Easter episode, that also kind of pushed it to this year, so I'm so happy 'Teen Titans' lasted," said the 45-year-old McQuarn, laughing.

"I'm excited to see it. I'm planning on having a screening party," he said.

McQuarn says sons Logan and Jacob are excited, "but they're used to it now. Because I'm always creating stuff," he said. "Like I'm doing graphic novels, so they always see stuff. I was talking to them about the script because they're in that demographic, they're 9 and 11.

"So I'm bouncing ideas off them. At the end of it all, they're excited. They're telling their friends, but it's just like 'Dad wrote 'Teen Titans.' OK then."

The McQuarn family also includes his wife, Jaimie McQuarn, a high school teacher, and older son, Kylun McQuarn, 22.

Once he submitted his script, McQuarn's  creative input on the finished product ended, he said.

"I was able to give them my ideas because I was able to talk to the producers, but as far as the actual animation piece-by-piece, I had no control over that," he said.

Animation, however, is also part of McQuarn's big picture.

"That's what I really want to do. I want to bring animation to our state," he said. "I would love to turn my company into a movie and animation studio eventually, and this kind of helps along the way, because it helps me establish myself in animation a little bit.

"But I think with our resources, we have so much creativity in our state that I think leaves a lot of times because there's not an outlet for kids especially to kind of grow and do this kind of work."

First, though, he'll finish his movie script, a local story he'll also direct and shoot. 

"It's such a good thing to wake up and create," he said.

'Teen Titans Go!'

WHEN: 5 p.m. Monday

CHANNEL: Cartoon Network (cable Channel 33)


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